Water Mitigation and Dry-Out Services

Protect and Prevent Water Damage from Worsening

Do you suspect water damage in your home?

Call now and save your home from further damage and potential mold!

Common Water Damage Scenarios

• Storm Damage and Flooding
• Damaged/leaking appliances
• Bathroom Overflows
• Sewage Backups
• Damage post firefighting efforts

Water Damage Restoration Process

1. Inspect the suspected water damage.
2. Formulate a plan to address/repair the water source.
3. Utilize plan and Machines for Water Removal / Dry-Out.
4. Cleaning and Sanitizing area.
5. Restoring the space to conditions previous to water damage.

Why Work with Us

1. Our team can provide emergency service.
2. Highly trained and experienced Water Restoration Technicians.
3. Medium-sized company = more individual attention,
4. Licensed and Insured in the State of Florida.
5. We are a locally owned and Operated Business.

Commonly Asked Questions

How soon should I call for water mitigation?

As soon as possible. The more time that passes without a full dry-out the more potential damage can occur from the water continuing to seep into porous material. This can affect the integrity of the building material and can make it susceptible to mold and termites.

Does water in my home mean I have mold?

Not necessarily. Most mold outbreaks in homes begin to occur 1 – 3 months after the water event. It is important to properly dry-out a wet space to avoid a potential mold outbreak.

Is There Water in Your Home?